I've Been So Angry At God!

In 2014 determined in my recovery to be medication free from depression. I experienced a challenging chapter in my life; withdrawing from my "happy pills". These made me numb for 18 months where I felt so lost and hollow. I…

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"It'd be so damn easy if I had found you in a glass, I'd be cursing your hangover instead of craving one more drag".  

I sit at my desk makeup-less, with my ugly google glasses on (the ones I

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If I Meant Anything

Well, I turned 30 in March... I celebrated it with the deepest love in my life "My Mum". She visited the U.S.A for the first time. We explored Memphis, New Orleans and of course Nashville. For her to come over…

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Well, I reached the 13-month mark of living in Nashville, USA. Every day I wake up and draw the blinds in my studio apartment. I get a flutter in my heart as I feel in awe of Union Station out…

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Trying To Get To Georgia

"You don't come to Nashville to fall in love”, my gorgeous friend Gina Venier shouts out as she takes another sip of her tall glass of Sangria. "But if you do, it's the icing on top," she says as she…

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The past month I have traveled many miles. A quick trip to Indiana for a show with my sweet Jessie Brown. Virgina for a house concert. West Virgina, Kentucky, and Alabama for a radio tour. Wisconsin, experiencing my first tailgate and recharging my…

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Finding My Feet

Since my last blog, I have play 68 shows, sat in 20 co-writes, traveled 5 states, played the Bluebird Cafe, supported Lonestar, attended my first county fair, explored Oshkosh, Chicago, Memphis, played a show at the Bluebird Cafe and saw…

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Stars & Stripes

To move oceans away from home and plant my roots in the soil of our big brother's homeland (The USA) I didn't think I would experience that much of a culture shock. 

Australia has become a little USA itself…

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It's a Saturday, I'm curled up on my comforter with throw rug over me, my MacBook on my lap and today's co-write stuck in rotation in my head. 

This week I've been hit hard with allergies, but it hasn't slowed me…

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With Brave Wings She Flies

I'm currently sitting in a car traveling through Kentucky, absent-minded and lost in thoughts and heartache. My travel companion Candy jumps into the car and gives me a braclet she just bought me saying "With brave wings she flies". 

As I sit down…

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